Wednesday, April 06, 2005

busy time now!

I am definitely a person of extremes. Full throttle work (which, in my blessed position often doubles for play!) and all out sloth-if that is not an oxymoron. Last weekend, I could barely put two thoughts together to decide what I should be doing, and this week, I feel excited and and happy and motivated and wish I had 48 hours in a day!

It is so time to start tomatoes--right after I get our taxes done, but before I continue grading that stack of research papers and working in the studio. If it were not tax time, this would be such a lovely month. It is like I had completely forgotten how much I love the time changes.

Josse reminded me, I had forgotten about my news... Part if it was that I was going begin teaching papermaking classes this Summer. The other part of it is that I have been selected to attend an education seminar on the college's dime. It was told to me that it was "unprecedented" to send an adjunct faculty member, so not only is it a big honor, but I am paid well to do it!

One of the classes I was invited to teach was the gifted kids this and the other is for the Rio Grande County Museum! In addition, I have been invited to participate in the weekly Bazaar here in town-which just sounds plain fun, so I believe I will! I love that sort of atmosphere and I hope I will get aquainted with some of the Amish women here in town. They often sell their baked goods at the bazaar and I cannot imagine a better opportunity to meet some of them--though they may not appreciate my curiosity about them. Hmmm...

So. Plans are unfolding. Sounds like we have a buyer for the Washington St. house. Now, if I could just sell my building. I suppose we'll just expand it if it doesn't sell, though I am far more enthusiastic about using our present house for a retail outlet and educational facility if the zoning is allowed. Onward and forward!

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