Saturday, March 26, 2005

you teach best...

...what you most need to learn. yes?

I think so.

In June, I am set to teach a two week course on paper arts through the college and The Boys and Girls Club. haiving decided that they would make a book out of their new paper, I must now learn to make books. Oh, sweet, fabulous justification!

So, this morning, I am scouring the books I allready have on the subject and seeing what other teachers have to say on th esubject of book making. As a lover of books, I love the idea of the book as art object. Judging by the number of websites on the subject, I am not alone. Always a nice discovery. One of the most beautiful sites I have seen is this one by Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord. She also has a fantastic amount of info for students, parents and teachers. Have I linked her before? Can't remember, but do go see..

I think that I will grade a few papers (It's "grade the term paper time" again), shape a few bowls from papier mache, and try my hand at book making!

Why sure, of course there will be pictures forthcoming!

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