Tuesday, March 15, 2005

of audiences and artistry. well, sort of...

Being off all week is both alien and fun and... a little scary. I feel a bit anxious that I will fritter it all away and be sad that I wasted my week.

And yet... I do not want to feel pressed in any way. Except for that paper I must write. I simply do not now how to accomplish that any other way. If vacations are supposed to be restful, why must I worry that I am not getting enough done and/or resting enough?

I have a reader from BE that took the time to review my blog. I was impressed (that takes a few minutes to do!), I was delighted and then a tad crestfallen. "Entertaining" was the one word they used to describe it. Why thank you, kind reader. "Originality" was their favorite thing about this space. Wow! That is no small thing in blogland.

And then... there it was... another comment about the faded type being hard to read. I knew I needed to change that... In fact, I was going to do so! Really. I was! But, somehow, in the past few days, with all the reading of blogs, and joining of webrings, andresearching of aforementioned paper, and trying to decide whether to order the cheapest checks or the "Dogs Playing Poker" checks, I just. Didn't.

And now I have. You were right, I was wrong. Don't let it happen again, OK?

As for my--I prefer to call it minimal--layout, I will defend that. I must, I must, I must defend my... I don't rhyme. I will listen and consider feedback, but I draw the line at rhyming. And somersaults. And lycra... You can thank me later.

But I digress. I keep it simple here, because I lika to posta the pictures. ( What movie did I just rip off?) So there. It looks better, but I don't have to like it.

Except, I do.

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