Monday, March 14, 2005

excitement in a zip-lock bag!

Heh. I have been networking and organizing--both online and in "real time" (whatever that means).

I have been culling all the cotton clothes that I do not wear so that I can make paper from them (see above!). I know... I said that I was going to do this, but I am actually doing it ! This is very exciting. Trust me.

Even more exciting, is this: On Thursday, I will meet with a woman who wants to talk to me about designing a special paper/currency good for local barter! I have wanted a program like this for some time, but didn't have the impetus to put it in motion. She has successfully organised such a system in the last place she lived and found me this weekend when I posted a request for papermaking fibers on our local FreeCycle(TM) board. I am thrilled to be asked to do this. Thrilled!

A couple weeks ago, I was invited to show at a women's conference by one of the organizers who saw my work at the The Art Walk the weekend prior. Today, due to time constraints, I am recruiting the other artists too. I sent out an email today and I only have two spots left open. phew!

In the next couple days.. I'm gonna have to write that paper...


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