Friday, February 04, 2005

start me up

The last 24 hours is a blur. I slept most of it! I hit that place where I know should slow down and ... I did!

Good thing, We're loading bricks this weekend and this is going to hurt. Denny found an "in" with someone tearing down the old powerplant and the building is made of fire brick. These bricks usually sell for 3.00 apiece and he's getting them for .05 each! Ya know what that means? Kilns! Two high fire kilns on the cheap and recycled. One will be for salt-firing. Denny graduates with his BA next December and it will be a very good thing for him to have his own kilns.

In other news, I have officially been contracted to teach "Women in Art History" in the Fall! I am so very excited! This will be a challenge and a real learning experience for me, That is, my favorite thing about teaching is that I learn so much along the way.

There has been very little blog reading on my part. Just been way too busy elsewhere. I committed to this thesis for Theory and Crit: "Western erotic art--until 1960--has reinforced the ancient Greek notion that pleasure belongs only to the realm of men." Now this should be interesting.

I finished the gallery submissions/catalogueing. I wish I could talk more about what I saw, but that would be very bad form indeed. Suffice it to say, some were good, some were not, and some were fantastic and I had a terribble time picking only four slides out of twenty and I cannot wait to bring them to our school! Woof!

I'm not inclined to post what I am working on right now--not until I have slides--but I will share that I have spent days rolling my handmade papers to use in the pieces... ...until my hands hurt. You'll see, Just not now.

And with that piece of trivia, I must go. Back to sleep.


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