Saturday, February 12, 2005

protest art

Having been out of commission for a few days now has left me little or no studio time since Tuesday. What it has done is forced a good bit of sleep and surfing.

It doesn't surprise me that the project of 17 year old Jeffrey Eden is causing controversy. It IS protest art!

What does bother me is that it seems as if the only blogs discussing it are those a)who think it shouldn't have been made, b) think it trivializes the Holocaust and c)think art is just for decoration. Am I being a bit snarky? No, I am being a LOT snarky.

My friends know how much this &*#@ irritates the *@&@ out of me.

This student was expressing an opinion in an artistic venue. Last I heard, we still had the right to do this.

Art stopped being all about pretties in the 20's. You know, around the same time women were granted the right to vote. Whether you agree with the sentiment or not, it still bears asking why people feel the need to censor those opinions that they disagree with. I have a few theories of my own, but I doubt it would make much difference.

As for Jeffrey Eden, I would have given you an "A" too. Art is,first and last, a visual medium of communication. Like it or not, Eden's work speaks for him loudly and clearly.

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