Sunday, January 02, 2005

Wild Books

Today's the big day! Denny and I have collected about 15 books apiece that we do not want (Denny's are all cookbooks,LOL!) and we will spend the morning prepping them for release in to the wild.

Go register now and then... step. away. from your computer... and... go outside. I know it's cold, but think of the potential joy you could be spreading. My titles are largely about philosophy, spirituality and, you guessed it--making stuff.

Later today, the critter will have to be emptied, and there are some pages on my website that need finishing.

In case you're new here, here's the "critter" (it's a large image, btw) . It is a papermaking machine built by New Zealand artist Mark Lander. Lander makes these machines one at a time and they are part of his personal artist's mission to promote the art of papermaking. A Critter is a portable version the hollander beater which has been employed for use in papermaking since the 1600's. There are currently approximately 150 Critters currently in existance.

And that's your mini art lesson for the day. I have books to release!

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