Saturday, January 08, 2005

Speaking of knitting..

Heh. I know some of you rolled your eyes. But... like it or not, knitting is hot right now, and knitting is meditatve and fabulous. This scarf is not only the first thing I have knitted in years, but the only handmade gift I gave this Christmas. Alas, it is a choice that had to be made with everything else I have embraced. Having completed this piece, I will have to find a way to bring knitting into my artwork. Last year, I bought a book from Teresa on knitting with wire and that seems like the way I will employ it, eventually.

My father taught me to knit. Dad says that, in addition to walking a zillion miles to school, he and his siblings all learned to knit their own mittens to keep warm. Which brings me to my real point, my real reason for posting the scarf. Some very nice folks over at Peace Knits are getting together to knit warm fuzzies for people in need of them. While there are many, many organizations that do these things, they are just getting started. Go. Support them. Knit an item or two. Have fun, share the love.

And check out their fiber links. There are only two, but they seem thoughtfully chosen.

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