Wednesday, January 26, 2005

naked goodness. or badness????

I think I have my topic picked out, though not in a coherent sentence. Not yet. Where are CW, Josse,Teresa when I need them? Of course, I assume much when I invoke them this way...

There exists this whole genre of erotic art by famous artists that doesn't get taught in Art History academia. At least none that I know of. Many, many of the great and not-so-great made works to vascillate and titillate themselves, their patrons. We show these works in academia, but rarely do we get talk about the subtext of sexuality. We can and do beat our breasts about objectification (and rightly so!) but we sepnd no time at all talking about what is actually sexy about these works. We talk about line and color and scandal and emotion, but never... arousal.

Why, why, why, why, why????

That's what I want to write about. I don't care about the moral implications, not really( please.. recall that I am talking about teaching at the college level, not children) . I care about the why. Why is this a moral issue at all? WHY is sex moral beyond the issue of kindness and respect and caring and relationship?

Would porn exist if we were comfortable with sexuality? I dunno. These are difficult, and perhaps naive, questions.

I'm still thinking. Out loud, obviously.

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