Monday, January 03, 2005

murphy was an optimist

There are not one, but two shows that must be hung next week and I have work in both of them. I should be thrilled.

Should be.

Truth is, I am enjoying the almost Zen quiet of the last couple of weeks and do not feel up to the change in volume. As Susan Hall used to say, "Denial is wonderful". As of this writing there are three tasks that come to mind that must be done for next week. Things this person agreed to do. One: 200 hand made invitations; Two: A portrait of a fellow group member and the third has escaped me once more.

It will be a very busy weekend!

So be it.

Since it is not late February, there has been no word on who is accepted to the Denver MoCA show. Did I mention I entered the jury process? Most certainly... A jillion times, no?

I have a question. While I am waiting ('til the end of Feb) for an answer on this show, is it bad form to enter the same work in another show? Having never double-dipped in this manner, the protocol is unknown to me. Only a Murphy would worry "What if I were accepted to both shows?" thus turning a potential good event into a worrisome one. Only a Murphy (perhaps not...) would think to enter both and expect to be accepted for both because it would create a problem.

Neuroses aside, what would you do???

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