Tuesday, January 04, 2005


"Women's" magazines are odious, loathsome. They smell too. It gives me a perverse pleasure to be shredding them for papier' mache. About 30 of them.

Most of them are sent to the shop "free" in an attempt to keep their circulation/ advertising numbers afloat. I order more interesting ones to round out the fare offered in my shop, though, in the end, they get shredded too. I will never be able to compensate for all the garbage, no matter how much art I produce. But... I will try.

*The U.S. currently gobbles up some 200 million tons of wood products annually, with consumption increasing by four percent every year. The pulp and paper industry is the biggest culprit. U.S. paper producers alone consume one billion trees-or 12,430 square miles of forests-every year, while producing 735 pounds of paper for every American.-- Jim Montovalli, E Magazine>

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