Thursday, December 30, 2004

A wonderful New Year's tradition will be launched at our home this weekend. We have mutually embraced the notion of releasing a dozen or more books into the wilds of the San Luis Valley over the weekend. What's better than free books> WHat's more exhilerating, more exciting than sharing ideas and books with the rest of the world? This could be especially true since some of the counties here in the valley are some of the poorest in the state. This isn't a new idea. I've been registered at for a couple of years now, and tonight I joined as well. This will certainly be the most ambitous book release I have ever done(haven't done one in awhile...), and the first we have done together. I'll be thinking ofBookcrossing programmer Dan Clune and his family as the books are released. ...

Perhapswhile we are out I'll get some shots of the church in Antonito made entirely of beer cans. There will definitely be more photos of trees and haystacks and fields, some of which should get posted here, should have before now, I suppose... The colors of the landscape here are just spectacular this time of year.

Speakng of landscape, we're watching "Rivers and Tides" tonight. It was a Christmas present and it is fabulous!

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