Thursday, December 30, 2004

With the next semester looming, it seemed a trip to library was in order. There is a paper to be written for my degree tract most every three months. These titles now visit the shelves and minds of the Murphy/Wallace household: "Encyclopedia of Gods:Over 2,500 Dieties of the World", "Andy Warhol:Prince of Pop", Placemakers:Creating Public Art that Tells You Where You Are", "The Forgotten Arts and Crafts" and "Sacred Food". These titles seem to hold some promise of informing the next body of work.

The research done last semester focused on the environmental costs of traditional art making methods; about the carcinogenic and adverse reproductive effects of traditional pigments and solvents, the amount of paper consumed by average Americans and the resulting systemic dioxin poisioning of every human on ths planet.

The work produced in conjunction with this research offered viable, creative and exciting results. This work makes direct visual and conceptual references to the issues of consumption, which references our environment, nature, our rituals of consumption and next, food.

Thus, the library choices. This artist (See? still practicing the #1 style rule, lol!) will next examine eating, consumption rituals, notions of worship, and along the way, my own issues with food and eating. This should be interesting (read potentially very painful).

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