Wednesday, December 29, 2004

This art endeavor is so glamorous.

I have been shredding paper for days now. I am on my FIFTH 13 gallon bag. I have access to an unlimited supply of paper for recycling( we all do, in fact!) at the college, but I hmostly try to recycle what I use (and what well-meaning people bring me, which is all fine :). These are papers I have saved from the last year and a half of teaching at the college and, now, recently, magazines. I get so many magazines for the shop and now I have found out that they are suitable for papier mache'.

So today I am trying to get the shredding caught up so I can store it. I have to stop every now and then an let the shredder cool off, So I am also looking for anew blogskin. I had signed up to have someone else redesign it, but I cannot find the info!

So... I have been looking and so far...I'm just discouraged. Most of them are so cluttered. Funny complaint coming from me. I have, well, let us call it a high tolerance for clutter.

Well, back to the shredding. If you're new, surfing through from BE, say hi, or go see what I do with all this shredded paper!

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