Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I've been at work for a few hours now... and I've been thinking...

"That Lilith" is a \bout Lilith, the first woman-before Eve. Lilith was a very sexual woman and reputedly left Adam because he was a rotten lover.

They are all about creating, and do involve some sexual content, though largely metaphorical. ...

After processing it longer, I think that I am a)realizing that they, may have, in fact, been responding to the actual content.

Now, being that the content is about being alive and reaching for the heighths in life, and having a body-an unsantioned one at that... I am deeply offended. I am also glad to have had the work out there... apparently, it needs to be.

Thank you all, for helping me to sort this out and for being so very supportive. Ill write you back in the next few days to say so personally.
back to the saw mill..

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