Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I was getting really nervous about graduate review, but I had a peer/faculty critique on Monday that lasted over an hour-and I have laryngitis. It went really, really well. I have also had several faculty stop me in the last few days to lend thier assistance, guidance. advice, etc. Some was solicited, some not, some was about my work, my review, and some was about my educational direction. I feel very supported.

In addition, I gave my review statement to them to review and they asked for two small corrections. This would seem to indicate that I am more prepared than I thought. All good news.

For Derbs: I only have one "test" in two of three classes this semester. It comes in the form of graduate review. I present the best of the work that I have done this semester before the faculty and 1 or 2 community members. In doing so, I must also demostrate a certain degree of not just craftsmanship, but intellectual integrity and acumen. I feel extra pressure not to let them down becasue they hired me with a bachelor's degree and have recommended me for teaching programs that are meant for the tenured professors!

Add to that I still have 60+ term papers to grade, and well... It should be an exciting 10 days!

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