Thursday, November 11, 2004

Well, my papier mache attempts in my aforementioned moulds are stuck but good!!! Bleh. I have written Carol Spelic' to ask her what I have done wrong. Thanking the Goddess she is so open and approachable--and told us that we could do so!

I am wondering if, perhaps, I wrote/mixed the recipe wrong, if I should NOT have used a released agent (WD 40), if ... if... they are permanently stuck , if the moulds are ruined. I am thinking that--if nothing else, I may be able to wet them and pull the pulp out.

I hope.

These are the times I tell my students about regularly. As an artist, you try stuff , and stuff fails. A lot. I swear that next semester I am goingto bring my sketch books to class so that they can see that my sketches ofetn look like theirs: tenative and, uh sketchy!

These are the times I must remember that it is all a process and that masterpieces are not instantly materialed, they are gestated.

Bleh. I wanted to bring them to school and paint and wax them today.

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