Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Sometimes, I find it fun to read a new blog. I mean one that has just begun. Here's a fun one about and by soapmaker. I really love soap... I guess that is good news for my friends and family.

I recieved a book-on-CD from my sister for my birthday:The Good Body. It is wonderful-I highly recommend it. It is from that delightful performance artist, Eve Ensler. You might recall that she gave us all The Vagina Monologues. If you haven't read or seen it, do! If you have a woman in your life that struggles with her body(we all seem to) either of these is a wonderful, unusual holiday gift.

From the Inside Flap of The Good Body:
"Botox, bulimia, breast implants: Eve Ensler, author of the international sensation The Vagina Monologues, is back, this time to rock our view of what it means to have a “good body.” “In the 1950s,” Eve writes, girls were “pretty, perky. They had a blond Clairol wave in their hair. They wore girdles and waist-pinchers. . . . In recent years good girls join the army. They climb the corporate ladder. They go to the gym. . . . They wear painful pointy shoes. They don’t eat too much. They . . . don’t eat at all. They stay perfect. They stay thin. I could never be good.”

I'm not very good either. And I've never understood (though I can intellectually connect the dots) this equation of bodies and food and thinness with morality.

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