Sunday, November 14, 2004

Oh, Di Di... I just haven't posted said paintings! ANd.. they aren't "just" paintings anymore--they are mixed media=painting, drawing, the one I posted above!

So. Just for you, just because you gave me the needed kick in the pants! Here we go.

This is an encaustic, collage of my handmade papers. It is my interpretation on the landscape here in the valley--except--it really is too small. It is only about 16x20". I do love the depth and the colors... My pallette has changed so much since I started making my own papers.

This collage was inspired by an assignment to do an abstract drawing of money. I was using I Ching coins-which are not money-but are pretty, lend themselves well to design, and I share much of their philosophy. Better said, I have borrowed much of my life philosophy from the I Ching. This drawing has pastel, thread, grass, denim and cotton rag papers.

And, finally, there is this painting/drawing. It is handmade papers, oil pastel, and encaustic.The text is from Gerard Manley Hopkins' "Spring and Fall".

I have an individual meeting with my advisor tommorow. I'll let you know how it goes... And take more pics of course!

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