Friday, October 15, 2004

Awww, Cindi, Thanks :) I checked out your blog earlier this evening-you look great--and you met Spencer! He'll be up our way this weekend and I am very much looking forward to seeing him and Lois. I plan to bore him with tales of my studies, paperswaps and pics for days! OK, some are more interesting than others, LOL!

As it happens, I keep thinking that I have to post about these great--well, EXTREMELY comfortable studio shoes I bought last week. I thought you might want to check them out Cindi! I know we are both big Birk fans, but these are even more comfy!

I had been experiencing a great deal of heel pain since August when I ran around barefoot alllll daaayyy long at the Crestone Music Festival. It doesn't help that two of my three studio spaces-and my building downtown-all have concrete floors. Add to that my flat feet and ample size and well.. I have been limping for about a month now with chronic heel pain and fascitis(sp?.

Someone(one Pamela Gibson!)in the papermaking group turned me on to these and I have been fine since the moment I put my feet in them! They are truly amazing. The fact that they are plastic is amusing to say the least-but perfect for studio work. This makes them waterproof and they wipe off easily. They are only a tad bit sweaty(!) but for some reason they do not cause my feet to smell--and I have witnesses! They conform to your feet as they warm up. I bought black and will want another color very soon. Go see!

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