Saturday, July 24, 2004

I must admit I have yet to use The Critter. It makes so much pulp at one time that I am a bit daunted still. I am, however, cooking some hollyhock blossoms for potential pulp as I write. In a lye solution-outside, of course.

I have been reading Gin Petty's papermaking blog on and off for the last week. She does what I want to do and have only begun to do: Make paper from local plants and weeds. She has a limited edition handmade book about her experiments that I want to buy once I start teaching again in the Fall. I have to wait because it is about 200.00. Sounds fantastic? It is...Go see.

I also joined the papermaking group on yahoo (see button to the right), It's a great group. I haven't introduce myself yet. I'm such a newbie to this, I feel both silly and in awe of these people and what they are doing with plants. They are having a vessel swap-I don't think I am up to it in any way, but I do hope they post pics. Itsa great group, very active, very accomplished participants!

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