Tuesday, June 08, 2004

I'm hung.

My work is anyway. I am so pleased and happy with the way the frames and the show comes together. I'm going to take the evening off and rest, I work at the shop tommorow and then I start baking.

I have plans for seven cakes, all different of course. Di told me to check out someone online who calls herself the "Cake Mix Doctor" and I scored some great recipes that look pretty easy, pretty, special and elegant.

Denny showed up during his work day and made pretty quick work of most of the hanging. We had the big stuff done in an hour and I spent another hour with the small paintings, labels and taking photos. By then it was Crys' lunchtime! Yay! Of course, I never hear my cellphone the first time and Denny had to call and tell me that she was leaving for lunch though she had left me a message regarding the same.

Here is the final photo, the finished painting, as well as some of the others we hung-with Pablo's great frames. Oops! Crys AND Pablo's frames--that I painted PURPLE. IT was so scary, but it really works!

"That Lilith!", acrylic on canvas

"Seeds of Change", acrylic on masonite

"Oxallis thrill", oil on masonite

I know I posted some of these last week, but the frames really do work so nicely. This is a big deal to me beacause I loathe frames most of the times. Especially those freakin' gilt frames. I have avoided masonite because... I, uh, didn't want to frame them! Now I know better.

I watched Pablo routing the wood and I am certain that I can do it now, which means I may be able to build my own--since I do own all the neccesary tools. No excuses left now...

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