Wednesday, June 30, 2004

I smell. A lot.

I have been making soap(and cards, but mostly soap). I am currently grinding up cloves to put in an orange clove mixture. I love making soap-even if it is "only" melt and pour. I love mixing up scents and flavors. So far, I have a beeswax/bee pollen/lavender loaf, lavender mint, patchouli clove, vanilla comfrey and chamomile comfrey. I use a few oils and colorants, but mostly dried herbs, spices and teas.

I've been online all day going from project to project and reading people's discussions, commenting a bit more than usual since I haven't felt like I could stop and write anything at length. It's been raining on and off \ so I didn't have to water. Denny went in to work at 3:20 AM and didn't get home until 6PM, Crys is painting a sign for the Mike Miles billboard and Pablo made dinner for us all! It's been a lovely day on the whole.

There must be something to the whole aromatherapy trip. I feel pretty good. I smell even better!

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