Thursday, April 29, 2004


We went to our artists' group and I got a pretty funny message based on a message I had at the shop.

Lemmee back up. A woman (a name I recognised as a local artist) left a message on my answering machine yesterday (at the shop--which is now up for sale, btw) and I was having an incredibly hectic day and probably didn't pay close enough attention. One of my tenants was out sick, and it's just that time of year when business really starts to pick up and take off and I had one interruption after the other yesterday. So... I call her back and leave her a message that says I have tentatively booked her for an appt on Friday and could she please call and confirm....

Now, back to the meeting . A new member approaches me and says "My friend, so and so called you today..."

"Yes, I recall that! I booked her an appointment fairly soon (I am usually booked 2, 3 weeks in advance, so Friday is very soon indeed! I was so pleased!)."

She's laughing now... "She asked me to tell you thanks for the appointment but she's just gotten a haircut and what she really wanted was to book you to speak about your work at the Such and Such Artist's Association!" More laughing...

Well, let me tell ya-I would MUCH rather do that, LOL!!! Soooo, in a month or so, I will be. Doing that. Speaking, that is... The timing is excellent too-with my solo show opening in June.

Kinda cool, huh? I'm very excited to be asked. I always thought this group of artists was rather conservative and, uh... Well, into realism, landscapes and sunsets (The kinda work that takes some skill to produce but requires the fewest brain cells to interpret)--and rather exclusive. She said they saw my work at The Fascett Building and asked me based on those pieces. Not exactly the kind of work I had gotten the impression they were interested in, but I do like being wrong about these things. Keeps life interesting, reminds me how silly it can be to make assumptions about people I do not know. Human nature I suppose, but makes for embarrassing phone messages!

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