Saturday, March 13, 2004

OK, so I have been and will be very busy the next few weeks doing official, I-own-a-business-and-now-I-must-pay, bookkeeping/tax/administrative stuff. It is, after all, mid-March and the latest I have waited in years to tackle my tax stuff is March 18. That was 2 years ago and it made me insane.

In the meantime, well, you know... I "made" a new blog. I couldn't stand it anymore, no way, no ma'am. When I deleted my old blog-which was months in coming, but one angry second in doing- it was because I never wanted a blog that I HAD to write in everyday and all I ever wrote about was what I was making, and how busy I was and that's why I hadn't written (I think we can all agree there is way to much of that on the blog-o-sphere!) and politics.

Having narrowed my focus, I missed something. And I got tired of sending links I thought others might find interesting one person at a time. I missed the politics, the religion and the occasional sex talk. You know, all the things we're not supposed to talk about, but make life interesting and, well... Vital. Who made up that rule anyway? (A question not to be addressed here, but there) It smacks to me of oppression and flagrant irresponsibility.

With that, I started, Making a Point. I have no intention of writing there everyday either, so I have invited Denny to join me. I asked Di and Derbs too. If you want in just let me know!!!

Go see! Or not. That was the point of making it a separate blog. You are perfectly welcome to ignore my politics if you like-I know we will still have plenty to talk about!

Who loves ya, baby! I do!

Bonus question: Who titled their book, "My Point-and I do Have One". I know, do you?

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