Tuesday, February 03, 2004

I have begun yet another line of cards-these out of stiffened fabric! I am sooooo excited... I know, I know... pics are in order... I can only say that I will be photographing them any day now, because as soon as the envelopes arrive, they are outta here!

Last Summer-or the Summer before? I found some fabric stiffener for almost nothing at yard sales. I snatched it all up knowing, well you know... someday I would find a use for it, and I did! Now, in the meantime, I have foresworn Walmart, so I needed an alternative-or two. I turned where I always turn when I have technical questions-- to Glitter and found a few answers. As I used up the commercial mixtures, I knew would need someting else to replace them. Glitter is great for trading this kind of info.

I tried the white glue suggestion, and I found it kinda soft. I will try it again with a greater glue to water ratio to get a firmer finish. I'll still use these though. It still keeps the fabric from unraveling and that is half the battle!

The first round is not really my style-they are more country style-but they are for rustic, country, store and not me! I have some fun garden and vintage fabrics I will use next to do some more "fun", retro styles. I'm looking forward to that too!

I do love fabric and fabric prints.

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