Monday, January 26, 2004

Stuff gets made no matter what!

I have been making stuff in between other life stuff-I'll post photos probably tommorow afternoon, evening! I also have some handmade books to add to my website on consignment. These are from Diane and they are gorgemous!

I have designed cards for a new store that opened last Fall. I can't wait to show them to her! I went in and made notes about what they carry and we were talking about various things she would also like to carry and did I do that, etc... Somehow, we got to talking about these dresses I have from my childhood and how I should frame or mount them and I had an idea about using fabric stiffener to make these tiny dress images from fabric. I do love to cut and paste! forthcoming!

I'll have links up to my links later... I have pages of links on my website. It always irked me that I had repeated them here, so I will not do that again,LOL!

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