Sunday, March 12, 2006

I forgot...

..what it was I had decided to call this piece. It had one name and then about 3AM I recall coming up with a mmore appropriate one, and now?? So for now, I'm going with the original, "Family Values". There is still a teensy bit of beadwork to be done. The piece must be stuffed and closed and the frame wil be distressed further. Then, I think.. I can call this one done.

I have several other pieces almost ready, but not not ready enough for posting. Since we finally have snow, I shall have to get out today and tommorow and take new photos of my yard installations-especially "Tree Book". It has been out there the shortest time and there are the fewest pictures of it.

I seem to be the last one in my circle to discover the Blogger photo feature. Until yesterday, I had been hosting my images from my web site, but no more! This is much, much easier. I like the "click to see the larger image" feature and the text wrap possibilities so much more that what I was doing.

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