Saturday, March 11, 2006


What do the following items all have in common?

-linoleum carving tools
-a pants pattern
-sheer, black fabric
-extra rotary blades
-pink and blue ribbon
-#4 unbleached Melitta cone coffee filters
-soaked and shredded paper
-a suit jacket (cut, not yet sewn) cut entirely from water soluble interfacing (see right, now sewn)
-a sketch diary with my thesis notes in it
-my dear husband, Denny
-a new friend
-an old friend
-an available friend
-someone to watch the dogs
-a cat that needs veterinary attention
-a long overdue paper

They were all things or that I needed or wanted during the coarse of the day that were in another studio downtown, missing, out of town, unavailable, it was too cold in that to deal with, ran away from me, and, finally, I was just too frustrated to deal with after everything else.

I'll leave the reader to decide which is which, LOL!

In the end, it's all good. Everyone will be back today. (It's after midnight) I did find many of the missing things and started on some of the projects that have been waiting, but OMG.. It took a great deal of wandering around and determination to not become petulant, pissy... When stuff piles up like this, I just have to appreciate the comedy of error.

Murphy's Law, right?

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