Saturday, May 07, 2005

Celebrating the little things

In celebration of holding down my first solids in 36+ hours (barring some horrible surprise later!) these are some of the pieces I intended to show yesterday.

This was formed using a vintage elliptical Melmac bowl as a mold. The clay is my personal mix of paperclay(greenware, meaning unfired), and gourd seeds from gourds that Emma and I grew about 3 years ago. I am juxtaposing one non-recyclable form from the "modern" era of design with an biodegradble form from that source... This "recyclable" art bowl is sustainable. In other words, I have conceptually reclaimed the plastic version. The new bowl will GROW MORE BOWLS!

How fun is that?

Heh. My stomach just growled so loud it scared the dog.

The next bowl is formed from the same mold/bowl and contains a red paperclay/seed mix-dwarf thyme, to be precise. The concept is the same, but the symbolism is extended by using and repeating egg shapes. Remember that seeds are ovaries and so are eggs!

That's all for now. I am now on the adventure known today as cottage cheese.

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