Friday, February 20, 2009

It's Phat Fiber time again!

If you're visiting from the Phat Fiber blog, welcome!

I've not posted pics of what I am doing for a while now, because I am working on two freeform pieces-and one of them will be submitted to the next International Freeform Guild Exhibit. I participated in 2007, but not 2008 and very much regretted it.

Sooo... not this year. Part of the rules of participating is that we not share what we're doing online, thus my silence. *Sigh* that's just not easy for me.

It also means that much of what I have spun in the last few months has gone to my stash, er.. collection, and not my Etsy store. Good thing I stocked up in a bit in December-and I take special orders, lol!

Sooo.. I'll sign off now and go take some pictures of the box and post them. I know you came here to see the yarn goods. Until I return, here's one from Etsy.

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