Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I make a really good argument for working in my own studio.

Yesterday I went about gathering natural materials for both my fibers and ceramics classes, and well.. I really do take up a great deal of room.

My Husband is a saint really. Not only does he support this insanity, but he delayed his own errands to he me pick up parts for the compressors that I will use for pulp and paper spraying. Yes, that's compressor, plural--we found them at yard sales for 5.00 each! When you buy things this way, it really helps to have an extra for that day you KNOW it will give out.

Regardless... I'm taking a short break to cool off and get hydrated. These are some of the sketches I will be working with for both classes. I started just before 9 and by 10:30, I had the beater running, 50 gallons of shredded paper soaking, another 30 gallons of corn husks. Cleaned off the big paper screens and part of the greenhouse ( I use it for drying paper faster )

Must get back to it before it really heats up outside. I've scheduled smaller, more detailed work to inside in the cooled air during the hot part of the day. If I linger too long, I blow the schedule. My sisters, if they are reading this at all, are laughing now. I'm a bit obssessive about my time management.

To say the least.

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