Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Been making cards and potting plants for Viola's. OK, the plants are all for Viola's, but the cards are mostly for the upcoming Sidewalk sale here in Monte.

At Viola's, Tesa wants to sell some of these antique planters with plants already in them-and I always have hundreds of plants this time of year! Yep. Hundreds. In fact, a client of mine gave me soem great plants today that I will propogate and use for this purpose. Goldfish Plants, jade plants, China Queens,scented geraniums and a HUGE Angelwing Begonia! HUGE. I could barely pick this thing up-it was so heavy-and I am freakishly strong. I managed to get it in her pickup and then in a wheelbarrow in my yard. In fact, it is kinda chilly, so I need to move it into the greenhouse.

Like, uh..now.

not later when I forget,LOL.

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