Monday, April 26, 2004

Well, I have my first negative ebay feedback. Rats! It was a long run (6 years) and had to happen sooner or later. It was the person that bought my paintings. I was broken-hearted until I saw that the rest of the work they had bought and sold was all fantasy/realism. This tells me that I am not dealing with a person who knows that much about art(since what they complained about was the quality of the painting-I had been offered MUCH more for them in the past and not sold simply because I wasn't ready). Regardless, I just have to take it all in stride. I've said it a zillion times-I'm not everyone's style and I don't need to be. I know that what I do is honest and that is what I need it to be. The number of paintings that get destroyed because I think they suck is about 3,4 to everyone I do. In fact, if everyone liked what I was doing, I would have to wonder if I was being true to myself--since you cannot "please everyone all of the time" and all that good stuff!

Nevertheless, I did the honorable thing and offered the buyer a refund. I haven't heard back from them, and somehow I doubt I will. If they wanted me to make it right, they would have told me first, right?

Van Gogh sold one painting in his entire life and they used it to make a doghouse! It is very good, indeed, to be reminded why I do not get my self esteem from other people and from outside sources. I want to be remembered for being kind and generous in the likes of a Buddha or Jesus--not for making a zillion $ at my art.

So... Denny is off today and we will be happy gardeners all day long!

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